Business Plan

Business Plan


1. Cashback Income

Everything at 100% Cash Back
You'll receive the cash back once you have purchased the products worth 1000/-
1% of Purchasing Amount Upto 100 Week
Income Distribution : 50% Cash + 40% Other Product + 10 Admin Deduction.

Note: Per Week Purchase of 200 Necessary for Cashback Income. If you Don't Buy Somthing That week Your Cashback will Lapse.

2. Level Income

Level Level Income %
1st 20%
2nd 10%
3rd 5%
4th 2%
5th to 13th 1%
Total 46%

3. Matching Income

If you match 2 Crores on both sides, you will get an opportunity to win 2 ROOM FLAT in Patna.

4. Sponsor Income

If You Cponsor a Pickup Center, you get 2% turnover of the Pickup Center.

If you sponsor 2 pickup center whithin 30-12-2019 to 20-01-2020 you gate android mobile phone extra from 2%